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Documentation for mod_npy.

This documentation is for people using mod_npy.

If something is not clear, is wrong or in any other way is "bad" - just drop me an e-mail - I'll try to fix it.

For version >=0.3.2

response module:
flush() Flushes output buffer to client, after this no more headers or cookies can be sent as headers are already sent to client.
header(headerNameheaderValue) Sends HTTP header to client, return True on success and False when the call fails. Warning: this function will return False is headers are already sent, so be sure to use it before sending any output to client.
out(text) Send text to client, Apache will buffer the output, so if you want to send it directly to client call flush().
outln(text) Same as out(), but sends newline also.
redirect(to) Send redirect to address to to client, the script will terminate after call to this function using postExit().
sessionDestroy() Clear session dict and send a cookie to clear session cookie, this function may fail to clear session cookie for the same reason as header().
setContentType(ctype) Set 'Content-Type' header, should be called before any output is sent to client.
setCookies(cookies) Send cookies to client, argument is an instance of Cookie.SimpleCookie (which can hold multiple cookies). Same restrictions apply to this function as header().
VIA_PROXY 1 is this is request via proxy.
request module:
header(headerName) Get header value for named header, header name is case insensitive.
COOKIES Dictionary of cookies from client, cookie name is used as key.
FILES Files uploaded using POST, file name is used as key, and file content as value.
GET Dictionary of variables from query string (passed after ? in URL).
HTTP_HOSTNAME Server host name (or what client sent as Host: header value).
HTTP_IP Server IP address.
HTTP_METHOD HTTP method used to access this file (may be 'POST' or 'GET').
HTTP_PASSWORD User password supplied as part of HTTP authorization.
HTTP_PATH File part of requested URL.
HTTP_PORT Server port.
HTTP_QUERY Query string (part of URL after ?).
HTTP_REMOTE_HOSTNAME Client host name (may be empty).
HTTP_REMOTE_IP Client IP address.
HTTP_USER User name supplied as part of HTTP authorization.
POST Dictionary of variables passed in POST query.
PYSESSION Session id.
SESSION Dictionary of session variables.
HTTPS off for plain text comminucation, on for SSL enabled access.
SSL_* All usual SSL variables.
mod_npy module:
exceptionHandler(typevaluetraceback) Handler for unhandled exceptions. Check Python documentation for excepthook.
log(text) Log text to Apache error log.
postExit() Ask mod_npy to terminate the script. This function will not interrupt current Python code block.
VERSION mod_npy version string.