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  • Version 0.3.3 released

    This version includes two main changes:
    - fixes in configure.in file
    - massive speed increase - the interpreter is not created and destroyed for every request, it's created only once for a child.

  • Version 0.3.2 released

    Version 0.3.2 of mod_npy has been released.

    This release contains important fix for session ID generation. All previous versions can generate identical session IDs for different users.

    Some function calls were also removed (two strcmp for example), this should help with performance.

  • Version 0.3.1 released

    This is a quick bug fix release: dropped status page, as it caused serious problems. It will return some day (maybe).

  • Version 0.3.0 released

    Version 0.3.0 of mod_npy released.

    This version includes many changes along bug fixes:
    - Python 2.5 compatibility
    - mod_npy is faster due to replacing PyRun_SimpleString with C code
    - shouldn't crash on errors
    - importing Python modules from script directory
    - third module - mod_npy for general purpose methods
    - new configure argument: --enable-profile - for enabling simple profiling
    - mod_npy status page (for now quite simple)
    - fixed rare segmentation fault

  • Version 0.2.1 released

    This is a bug fix release:
    - SSL variables available in request
    - HTTPS variable to determine if SSL is used for request
    - faster: removed some Python code in favor of C
    - more error checks
    - fixed handling of POST'ed files
    - other minor bug fixes

  • Version 0.2.0 released

    Version 0.2.0 is out. Primary change is that there's no 'mod_npy' module to import. There are now two separate modules: 'response' and 'request'. Check t1006.pyml for example.

  • Version 0.1.0 released

    Version 0.1.0 - almost feature-complete version. Needs only a lot of testing.

  • Version 0.0.5 released

    This release included support for HTTP cookies and many improvements. If you're using <0.0.5 please update to >=0.0.5.

  • Version 0.0.4 released

    New version released - 0.0.4. It contains many fixes, and should be more portable, as it uses now autoconf to find apxs.

  • Version 0.0.3 released

    I've just released version 0.0.3, the very first public release of mod_npy. Download, compile, install and test :)